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COVID-19 Update

We would like to inform you of the following changes we have had to make in order to follow Government Guidelines:

Arrival                                 Please bring luggage into Hallway and owners will carry it up, if required,                                                    wearing gloves.
Breakfast                            We have removed the buffet table and everything will be brought to your                                                      table.
                                               We will wear gloves to serve you and have adjusted the menu accordingly.
                                               Breakfast times will be staggered and timings will be discussed on arrival.
Room Service                    We will not enter your room at any time during your stay.  Please let us
                                               know of anything you need replacing at Breakfast and we will leave it                                                            outside your room. 
Maintenance                     If you feel any maintenance issues need addressing, please let us know and                                                  this will be addressed only when the room is empty and we will wear gloves                                                at all times.
Entry/Exit                          Please be considerate to other guests and ensure wherever possible you                                                          leave at least a 1m gap.
Linen etc                             Linen is washed by a major national laundry company who use an anti virus                                                  agent in the wash. Towels are washed at 60C. All protectors are changed                                                        after every Guest. All rooms are cleaned and santised after every                                                                      changeover using Government recommended products. Soft Furnishings                                                        have been removed from the rooms and any cushions on seats are replaced                                                    on changeover.


All touch points like Banisters, door knobs etc are sanitised on a regular basis.
If you have any questions please ask for clarification


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